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LA River recreation zones opening on Memorial Day

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Starting Monday, it’s open season for kayaking

Pacific Southwest Region USFWS / Creative Commons

For the fourth year running, the Los Angeles River’s two recreation zones will open on Memorial Day, May 29, meaning it’s open season for fishing and kayaking in the concrete-paved waterway.

The city’s public works department says the recreation zones will stay open through Labor Day, September 4. (At least once in the past, that date has been extended for about a month more.)

The recreation zones are located in Elysian Valley and the Sepulveda Basin, and they each have multiple access points to the water throughout their borders. They’re open from sunrise to sunset. Signs with rules for the rec zones will be posted throughout the affected areas. One of the rules: No swimming (no matter how hot it gets).

Via LA River Recreation

The opening of the river recreation areas for summer fun is shaping up to be a reliable tradition at a time when the LA River is on the verge of some big-time changes. Planning is in the works to transform the large, Taylor Yard area—often referred to as the lynchpin of the LA River revitalization plan—into a public park, and a bold, long-awaited bridge across the river between Atwater Village and Griffith Park could start construction this summer.

Via LA River Recreation

For a taste of what it’s like to kayak the river, check out this video of Curbed’s Urbanism Editor Alissa Walker doing just that.

And, to get in on the action, click here for a list of outfitters.