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Muscle Beach drone video features plenty of visual acrobatics

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Just look at this little drone go

Muscle Beach concrete sculpture

It seems fair to say that word has gotten around that Los Angeles looks great from above. Just in the past few years, we’ve seen superb aerial drone footage of everything from rooftop neon signs to eerily deserted tourist attractions to the bright lights of Downtown LA.

Now, videographer Robert McIntosh highlights the singular urban geography of Venice Beach—by flying a drone through a bunch of narrow spaces.

McIntosh tells Curbed that the drone used to capture the footage weighs just 118 grams and is less than five inches wide. As such, it can fit through some pretty tight spaces—as demonstrated to impressive effect in the video, which appears to be a continuous shot.

The camera darts between palm trees and swoops through objects as small as the Gymnastic rings next to the weight pen at Muscle Beach.

The impressive piloting helps to highlight some of the unusual features of the area’s built environment. The imposing concrete sculpture at the center of Muscle Beach looks a bit like a blocky video game weight lifter as the camera zips through. And the beach’s distinctive three-headed street lamps seem a little more whimsical in this format.

Also, of course, it’s just neat to see how many small spaces the little flying camera can get through.