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In new video for Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer,’ Los Angeles plays a starring role

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From Boyle Heights to Hollywood Boulevard

Nearly 50 years after the song’s release, Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s eternal singalong jam “Tiny Dancer” has a new music video, and while the song is the leading lady, Los Angeles—from Hollywood Boulevard to Boyle Heights to the beach—is in a supporting role.

The video from filmmaker Max Weiland is a look at life from the points of view of a dozen people moving through Los Angeles, “all unfolding behind the wheel of their cars,” says the video’s YouTube description, though skateboards and a tour bus make cameos, too. (We forgive the general car-centricity this one time, because it’s for art.)

The song’s Los Angeles connection is real. LAist notes that songwriter Bernie Taupin told American Songwriter magazine that the song was especially inspired by the women that John and Taupin encountered along the Sunset Strip when they came to California in the 1970s. “They were these free spirits, sexy, all hip-huggers and lacy blouses, very ethereal,” Taupin said.

Like the well-known scene in the film Almost Famous, when a band and all their entourage belt out “Tiny Dancer” on a tour bus, everyone in this video is in motion, moving along the road at their own speed, in their own little world. A valet taking the long way to the lot, a vaping grandma, and some dressed-up girls hanging out of the sunroof of a Cadillac Escalade limousine are all making their way “softly ... slowly” through Los Angeles on their own terms.