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Developer eyes Ventura Boulevard for new housing

Near the In-N-Out

Row of commercial buildings Google Maps

A cluster of low-slung retail buildings lining the north side of Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills could soon give way for a new development with a mix of housing and commercial space.

Plans filed with the city yesterday call for a 40.5-foot-tall structure with 36 units of housing and 8,203 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor.

Located at 19975 West Ventura Boulevard (across the street from the In-N-Out Burger), the project would replace a row of existing buildings, including a former restaurant, bakery, and furniture store.

The plans propose setting aside six of the 36 units for very low-income tenants (those making less than half of LA County’s median income). In return, the project’s developer is requesting a 10.5-foot increase in the allowable height of the building, as well as a slight increase in the amount of ground it can cover.

The pace of development in Woodland Hills is quickening lately, particularly in the Warner Center area just a few miles away. There, massive developments including Westfield’s Promenade 2035 are poised to dramatically reshape the area in coming years.