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Glassy modern by Lorcan O’Herlihy for lease in the Silver Lake hills

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Bird’s-eye views—and views of birds

View looking up at cantilevered home Photo by Pauline O’Connor

Now up for rent in Silver Lake is a home that has been the subject of features in both the New York Times and the LA Times.

Located in the neighborhood’s Moreno Highlands section, the cantilevered residence was designed from the ground up by Dublin-born architect Lorcan O'Herlihy in 2000.

Wind blowing curtain in dining room Photo courtesy Undine Prohl
Bookshelf fronted by a sliding screen Photo courtesy Douglas Hill

Measuring 1,976 square feet, the two-story house has a horizontal first floor that encompasses an open-plan living room, kitchen, dining room, and office, with a small guest room and second office tucked behind the kitchen.

Open kitchen Photo by Pauline O’Connor
View of living room fireplace Photo by Pauline O’Connor

The home’s vertical second floor comprises the master suite.

View out the window of a bedroom Photo by Pauline O’Connor
Bathroom with tile bathtub Photo by Pauline O’Connor

Features include bamboo floors, concrete countertops, a living room fireplace, sliding room dividers, built-in shelving and cabinetry, transom windows, and multiple balconies and patios.

Outdoor patio Photo by Pauline O’Connor
Patio with cushioned bench Photo by Pauline O’Connor

As the home is sited high on its hillside lot, its future tenants will need to be able to reckon with climbing lots of stairs on a daily basis. But as a trade-off for all that huffing and puffing, they’ll get awe-inspiring views as well as toned glutes.

View from balcony Photo by Pauline O’Connor

They’ll also need to be able to pay a rent that’s as steep as the hill: $6,250 per month, to be exact.