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Downtown Culver City bike lanes would connect to the city’s Metro station

The two-way lanes would run along Washington and Robertson Boulevards

bike lane
An example of a two-way bike lane
Elvert Barnes | creative commons

Culver City may look a lot more bike-friendly in coming years. Two months ago, the city ramped up efforts to bring a bike share system to its streets. Now, a report from the Department of Public Works has been released, with a recommendation that the city install two-way bike lanes to connect the Culver City Metro station to the heart of Downtown Culver City.

The recommended lanes would be constructed on Washington and Robertson Boulevards. The Washington path would run between Ince Boulevard and Wesley Street, providing connections to the Metro stop and Town Plaza along the way.

The shorter Robertson Boulevard path would run between Washington and Venice Boulevards, connecting directly to the Expo bike path, which—with a brief interruption—offers passage between Culver City and Santa Monica.

The two-way lanes (located on one side of the street) would be protected by concrete dividers, providing an especially safe pathway for riders.

There are, however, a few kinks to work out. The recommended proposal calls for the Washington Boulevard lane to switch from the north to the south side of the street at Robertson.

Map of project City of Culver City

According to the report, the change allows for riders to more easily access likely destinations, but would require the city to secure right-of-way for riders at the crossing point—which also links the Washington and Robertson lanes.

The department estimates the project will cost around $3 million, including construction, traffic signal modification, and instillation of signage. Several steps remain before the lanes will officially be shovel-ready, so the project is still “multiple years” away, according to the report.