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Spectacular condo in Koreatown’s Chateau Charmont building asking $629K

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Minimal and filled with light

Photos by Barcelo Photography 
Courtesy of John Iglar/Teles Properties

If this superb condo looks familiar, it might be because we have featured it in our House Calls series. The condo is located off Western and Eighth in the Chateau Charmont, a 1928 building in the style of a French chateau (that style is kind of a thing in Koreatown.)

The residence holds one spacious bedroom and one bathroom in 1,200 square feet. The living room’s trio of expansive paned windows and the high, decorated ceilings aren’t outliers. In the bedroom and bathroom, sizable windows keep things bright.

Though the condo still has some glamorous, historic details, including millwork, windows, and hardwood floors throughout, it’s also been updated carefully.

The updates are most noticeable in the kitchen, which sports quartz counters and a marble backsplash, and the bathroom, where hexagonal floor tiles and a sleek, modern sink have been added.

The minimal unit last sold in 2015 for just under $500,000. It’s now listed for $629,000.