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Mid-City Spanish-style with summer-ready backyard asks $879K

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The wood deck looks ideal for barbecues

In the backyard, there’s a wood deck that looks perfect for entertaining.
Images courtesy of Karen Medved, Compass

If you agree that, these days, it’s a treat to stumble upon an interior that’s not all white, turn your attention to this two-bedroom in Mid-City’s Picfair Village (for the unfamiliar, that’s the neighborhood around Pico and Fairfax).

The kitchen is decorated with royal blue tile, its cabinets are a yolky shade of yellow and its floors are painted green. The single bathroom is trimmed with creamy orange and black and white tile.

Color aside, the home also features coved ceilings, arched entryways, and a fireplace.

The interiors are quite nice, but it’s the “Pinterest-worthy” backyard that caught our attention. Its covered wood deck looks ideal for summer barbecues. The property is planted with all of the Los Angeles staples: succulents, citrus, bougainvillea, and jasmine.

Built in 1928, the Spanish-style home measures 1,244 square feet. It sold in 2010 for $599,005; now it’s now asking $879,000.