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USC wants to sell the Coliseum’s naming rights to United Airlines

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Oh no! What happens if they oversell the game?

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that USC plans to sell naming rights to the famed Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum stadium to United Airlines in what Sports Business Daily is calling the “richest naming-rights deal” in college football.

United Airlines would pay the school $70 million over 15 years for the rights to rename the Coliseum. Under the terms of the school’s lease of the stadium, 5 percent of that money would go to the state.

The new name has not been announced, but the Times reports that officials at the stadium want the words “Memorial Coliseum” to remain.

USC partnered with FOX Sports in 2015 to find candidates willing to purchase naming rights for the Coliseum. The revenue is expected to be put towards the Coliseum’s $270 million renovation.

Here’s hoping United Airline’s seating policy doesn’t come along with the new name.

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

3911 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90037