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Blue Eagle Rock house is a unique retreat for $649K

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Built in 1922, it’s got an up-to-date feel inside

Photos by Christine Bullard.
Courtesy of Joanna Suhl/Nourmand & Associates

From the street, this blue Eagle Rock house is an attention grabber, if not for its hue then for its curving front wall of windows, which offers up extensive views of the surrounding hills.

Built in 1922, the house offers some fun surprises inside to match its unexpected exterior. Several period touches like the built-ins in the dining room serve as reminders that the house is 95 years old, but the house still looks very contemporary with its wood floors and white walls.

At just over 1,100 square feet, the two-bedroom residence is modest but ample in size. The house includes a den as well as a finished basement, which could easily be used for a home office or another room for guests, the listing copy suggests.

The house, located in the hills near where Eagle Rock meets Highland Park, last sold in 2014 for $545,000. It’s listed for $649,000 now.