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New details released for Vermont Corridor project in Koreatown

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Hundreds of new housing units and a lot of parking

Via LA County Board of Supervisors

Some new details are emerging about Los Angeles County’s big plans for a stretch of Vermont Avenue in Koreatown. Under the Vermont Corridor plan approved by county supervisors last summer, several aging government buildings will be torn down in order to build new offices, retail, housing, and a community center. Today, Urbanize LA spotted a new draft environmental impact report for the project, which paints the clearest picture yet of what’s to come, and clues us in on the details for the three sites.

We’re highlighting the key details below:

Site one

County buildings and a parking lot would be razed and replaced with a 21-story tower.

The high-rise would be comprised of 13 levels of government offices atop an eight-story parking structure accommodating 965 vehicles and 134 bikes. The tower’s ground floor would be split between parking and 10,000 square feet of retail space.

Even more parking would be provided on this site. A 12-story parking structure with spaces for 768 cars is slated to replace an existing parking structure on Shatto Place.

Site two

Site two
Courtesy of Steinberg Architects

A 12-story office would be converted into housing with 172 units (82 studios, 46 one bedrooms, and 44 two bedrooms). This building would also hold street-level retail and a rooftop deck.

Plus, a four-story government building at 3175 West Sixth Street would be knocked down, and, in its place, a new five-level parking structure with 263 spaces for cars and 290 spaces for bikes would go up.

The report also mentions that, in the future, the county could build five stories of housing atop the parking structure.

Site three

Site three
Via LA County Board of Supervisors

The county parks and recreation office building would be demolished to make way for housing, with affordable units set aside for seniors.

The new six-story structure would contain 72 residential units (36 very low income units, 24 low income units, 11 moderate income units, and one manager’s unit), as well as a 13,200-square-foot community center. Below that, an underground parking garage would accommodate 116 cars. On the ground level, 102 bicycle parking spaces would be made available.