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Eye-catching Atwater Village-Griffith Park Bridge might begin construction this summer

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Over-budget but maybe finally happening

A 2012 rendering of the proposed bridge.
Via Bureau of Engineering

The over-budget bridge that would link Atwater Village and Griffith Park is marching closer toward being approved and subsequently built, says Streetsblog LA. With the May 1 approval of the bridge by the City Council’s Arts, Parks and River Committee, there remain just a couple more hurdles for the project to jump.

Streetsblog says that though the project still needs two more approvals—from Transportation and Public Works Committees and the full city council—if it’s approved by the end of May, it could start construction this summer, with completion near September 2019.

The bridge would offer equestrians, pedestrians, and cyclists a crossing over the river and feature an eye-catching and expensive design.

The project has already overcome so much. Plans for the bridge were floated in 2011 and approved in 2013. Crossroads of the World owner Morton La Kretz kicked in an almost $5 million gift toward the project. But by 2014, the estimate had swelled to $9 million and bridge proponents had to find more money for the project.