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Barnsdall Park-adjacent housing/retail project in the works

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100 units over groundfloor retail space

via Google Maps

East Hollywood’s having a mini-development boom along Hollywood Boulevard near Barnsdall Park, and a 100-unit mixed-use complex has just entered the field.

The Real Deal reports that LaTerra Development is planning the residential and retail complex, which will rise on the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Edgemont Street.

The new complex would replace an existing, 11-tenant strip mall. The project site is just under an acre; it’s located just west of the Barnsdall Park parking lot.

There’s another residential development planned on the southwest side of Hollywood and Edgemont. Named Olive Hill, that project would hold 200 apartments and rise six stories.

A block away at Hollywood and Berendo (technically in Los Feliz), a collection of 21 small-lot homes is planned for the site of the Center For Inquiry-Los Angeles, which includes the quirky Steve Allen Theater. The Center and the theater would be demolished.