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House from ‘Boogie Nights’ gets a price chop

The groovy time capsule is now asking $1.25 million

It’s been nearly five months since the glorious Covina time capsule featured in Boogie Nights popped up for sale in November, but the four-bedroom home is still languishing on the market.

That means buyers looking to recreate the drug-fueled pool parties of the classic LA film will have the opportunity to purchase the home at a lower price. Originally listed for $1.5 million, the price dropped to $1.39 million in January and fell even further in March to $1.25 million (where it remains today).

Built in 1958, the 3,974-square-foot residence doesn’t appear to have been touched since the days when wallpaper was a must and jogging was a novelty. Features of the home include vaulted, beamed ceilings, clerestory windows, wood-paneled walls, and a towering stone fireplace.

The house is situated on a sizable 1.35-acre lot that stands ready to be reshaped into an expansive lawn or redeveloped into a “basketball court, guest house, [or] tennis court,” as the listing suggests. There’s also, you know, that truly fantastic pool.

Come on homebuyers, what’s not to like?