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Lyft moving into a new space in the Arts District

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They’re not the only rideshare company in Downtown

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On the heels of news breaking that Uber has signed a lease in Civic Center comes a report in Downtown News that ridesharing app Lyft is making a into move Downtown, too. The ridehailing company associated with neon pink mustaches is moving into a brick-fronted space at 662 Santa Fe Avenue.

The 5,000 square foot space won't be used as offices for Lyft executives, but as a "Lyft Hub," where drivers can meet, get training, and connect with Lyft staffers. It's expected to open this summer, a company rep told the News.

The Arts District, seems a strange place to invite a bunch of single-driver cars. Though the neighborhood is centrally located, it’s is not known for having a great parking landscape.

Lyft’s new hub won’t be far from the new offices of a competitor. Uber reportedly signed a lease at the Times Mirror Square complex for an 18,000-square-foot space in the moderne-style tower built as a 1948 addition to the Times' signature building at First and Spring streets.