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New renderings, shorter height for big Crossroads of the World redevelopment

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The hotel gets a chop from 31 stories

Rendering of Crossroads project Renderings courtesy of Harridge Development Group

Developers are trimming down the hotel they plan to build next to Hollywood’s Crossroads of the World. The new height is revealed in an environmental impact report for a massive redevelopment of the kitschy offices, scheduled to be released today.

Once planned to reach 31 stories tall, the hotel has been shaved to 26 stories. It will still have 308 rooms, despite its shrinkage, says Kyndra Casper, a land-use attorney working on the project

Another noteworthy change, and one that might be most visible and useful to people on the ground, is the extension of the pedestrian path that cuts through the new development.

Originally, the pedestrian paseo was to run from the old-timey Crossroads buildings west through the project site, ending at Selma Avenue and McCadden Place. Now, the paseo will stretch all the way to Highland Avenue and Selma.

By having the pedestrian path end on Highland, people on foot are on a direct route to the Hollywood/Highland Red Line stop, just a two blocks north. Casper says that once this adjustment had been made, developers wondered why they hadn’t done it sooner.

The project also includes a 30-story condo tower with 190 units and 760 apartments, spread across a 32-story tower and three other, mid-rise buildings.

The developer scaled back and minimally redesigned two low-rise buildings offering a mix of office and commercial space. The changes were made so that the structures would be more compatible with the kitschy Crossroads buildings, Casper says. The Crossroads of the World will be restored as part of the project.

Since these low-rise buildings were scaled back, a single-story commercial building was added to the project to make for lost space.

Public hearings are expected and approvals are expected to be in place in early 2018, Casper says.

Crossroads of the World

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