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New hotel project planned for a Historic Core parking lot

It would include 315 rooms and public meeting spaces

View of Historic Core parking lot Google Maps

A large hotel project with 315 rooms could soon rise from a Historic Core parking lot.

A summary of plans filed with the city Wednesday doesn’t reveal much else about the project, save that it will include public meeting rooms and that the developer is seeking permission from the planning department to locate parking in a garage next door.

It’s not clear just yet who will be developing the hotel, but he project site, located at 361 South Spring Street, is currently operated by Joe’s Auto Parks—a subsidiary of prolific parking lot developer L&R Group.

Just two blocks away, another large hotel project may be on the way. Called the Spring Street Hotel, the narrow 26-story tower will include 170 guest rooms, along with a rooftop lounge and restaurant.

Meanwhile, the nearby Cecil Hotel is undergoing a major renovation that will divide the storied building into a boutique hotel with 299 rooms and a collection of 301 micro apartments for long-term renters.