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LA high school students are taking trains to prom

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Way more space than a limo

As the school year draws to a close, it brings one very important event for many high school students: prom. While students are likely worrying about their dates or their clothes and shoes, school administrators are mulling over how to ferry a ton of children to the dance.

In some cases, the answer is public transit. LAist reports that this prom season, a couple of area high schools have chartered Metrolink trains to carry students to their proms in Downtown and Hollywood.

A.B. Miller High School students rode Metrolink from Fontana to Union Station; the iconic Art Deco station was the venue for their prom.

And, in the case of Golden Valley High School, school administrators chartered Metrolink from Santa Clarita, and then worked with Metro to charter a Red Line train to Hollywood for their prom at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Heading to prom || photo @mrmetror227 #GoMetro #promnight

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Metrolink offers the service every year, and it has grown more popular as a transportation option for prom-goers, because of the increasingly high cost of chartered buses, a Metrolink rep told LAist.

It's officially Prom Season! Yesterday's #promtrain with Golden Valley High School!

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It’s also popular with students, apparently. LAist says one administrator told them that the high schoolers “overwhelmingly preferred the train to other transportation methods.”