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Contemporary courtyard-style apartments headed to West Hollywood

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A new take on an old classic

Courtesy of R&A Architecture + Design

Plans to bring sleek new apartments to West Hollywood, about two blocks south of Plummer Park, are moving forward, and we’re getting a glimpse of what the project will look like, thanks to a rendering from Culver City-based R&A Architecture + Design.

A contemporary take on the classic LA courtyard apartment complex, the new building will hold nearly a dozen “two- to three-story townhouses around a semi-private courtyard,” according to the architects.

The facade will mix stucco, wood, and glass, with some corner units wrapped in large windows.

R&A says it’s also incorporating eco-friendly, energy-saving design elements: concrete floors, energy-efficient glazing, and clerestory windows. Each unit will have its own rooftop garden.

Set to rise at 1016 North Martel Avenue, replacing six units of housing on the site now, the average size of the new apartments will be 1,585 square feet. Parking for 27 cars will be provided in an underground garage.

The West Hollywood Planning Commission approved the 11-unit building in December. The developer, Martel Heights, LLC, expects construction to start next spring.

Correction: Due to incorrect information from the architects, an earlier version of this post stated this project will begin construction this spring.