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Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills estate is now a landmark

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The $25-million mansion is steeped in Old Hollywood history

View of Goldwyn Estate Image courtesy of Marc Angeles and Nick Springett

In 2015, pop star Taylor Swift bought a Beverly Hills mansion with a long and glamorous history connected to one of Hollywood’s most recognizable movie producers and decided that she wanted to restore and landmark it. Today, Swiftie’s dream has come true: The Beverly Hills City Council has granted her estate landmark status, reports Mansion Global.

At the deciding meeting yesterday, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse said, “I think this is a true community gem and really so thrilled that this will be landmarked and preserved,” Mansion Global reports.

The nearly two-acre Goldwyn estate was commissioned in 1934 by famous producer Samuel Goldwyn, also known as the “G” in MGM Studios. Goldwyn lived there until his death in the 1970s, and the house remained in the Goldwyn family for nearly eight decades.

Called “one of the great estates” in Beverly Hills by one of the city’s Cultural Heritage commissioners, the Goldwyn estate has hosted Marlene Dietrich, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, and filmmaker Frank Capra.

The Georgian-style mansion, designed by architect Douglas Honnold, sits behind the Beverly Hills Hotel. In addition to six bedrooms and five bathrooms, the house holds a library, a theater with 35mm projection, terraces and lawns, and a tennis court.

Swift purchased the estate for $25 million cash.