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New 5-story mausoleum coming to Hollywood Forever

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It’s part of an expansion project approved by the City Council

View across Hollywood Forever Daniel Hartwig | creative commons

The iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, resting place of the stars since 1899, is making room for a few more souls. The Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved plans Tuesday to add two new mausoleums to the cemetery, with a combined 30,584 crypts.

The smaller of the two will actually be an addition to an existing mausoleum along Van Ness Avenue, but the larger will rise five stories, accommodating 29,752 crypt spaces across 87,338 square feet of floor space.

Set to rise along Gower Street, the larger mausoleum is tall enough that the cemetery required a height district change from the council, allowing new projects there to rise more than 30 feet.

For that reason, it’s fortunate for the company that owns the cemetery that voters rejected the Measure S ballot initiative last month. Designed to combat dense development projects, the measure’s two-year moratorium on projects seeking zoning changes would have required the cemetery to keep its crypt space a little more low-slung.

In addition to the two new mausoleums, the project also includes a small maintenance facility and maintenance yard, as well as a new parking lot with 107 spaces.

As a condition of the council’s approval, Hollywood Forever will be responsible for a number of street improvements along Santa Monica Boulevard, Gower Street, and Van Ness Avenue in the coming years.

Those eager to reserve some prime crypt space may have to wait a bit, though. The project isn’t expected to be complete for another 10 to 15 years.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

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