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Inside LAX’s exclusive terminal aimed at celebrities

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Membership is $7,500 a year

Plane taking off at LAX mikepmiller/Curbed LA Flickr Pool

A new, ultra-private terminal at LAX for celebrities, “high-profile executives, and any traveler that demands privacy” is almost up and running at the airport, and is it ever luxurious, says Forbes, which took a tour of the gated terminal. Called The Private Suite, the new terminal has a glorious array of amenities and a major price tag.

The Private Suite is located inside a former cargo facility not far from LAX’s south runway. Guests of the high-end terminal can enjoy their own personal suites (which include a bathroom and snacks) or wait in a shared area with other fancy people while they are tended to by a team of staffers.

The price of entry is steep. Forbes says that one-time, trial visits will cost between $3,500 and $4,000 for a group of four. Use of the shared lounge is $2,000 a person.

Members will pay just $2,700 for four people traveling domestically and only $3,000 for a four-person group traveling internationally, in addition to the cost of membership— which is $7,500 a year.

Service offered for that hefty price is certainly a cut above.

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Eight staffers are assigned to each guest upon arrival at the gated private terminal, one of whom “takes care of all of your luggage needs,” eliminating the need to lug anything or even worry about who’s lugging anything.

The Private Suite has its own private TSA “screening lounge,” doing away with even being near people who are waiting in a line to get through the security checkpoint.

The guests of the luxurious terminal are ferried to their planes across the tarmac in a BMW 7 series and delivered directly to the entrance for their plane.

Some airlines already provide special services or terminals for their passengers who don’t want to deal with crowds or paparazzi, but to access them, travelers still have to pass through the same terminals that all the commoners use. The Private Suite, being removed from the regular terminal area, cuts that part out entirely.

The Private Suite is scheduled to officially open May 15, says the Wall Street Journal, but Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Gos fame has already tried it out and seems to approve:

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