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Take a look around Rick Rubin’s comfortably minimalist home in Malibu

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The music producer has spent years renovating the speaker-filled retreat

Rick Rubin standing in front of floor-to-ceiling windows Photos by Martien Mulder, courtesy Wall Street Journal

Legendary music producer Rick Rubin is known mainly for his eclectic mix of collaborators and biblical patriarch style of facial hair maintenance. But, as a recent profile in the Wall Street Journal Magazine highlights, his home improvement skills might warrant some attention as well.

Rubin has worked with architects Enrico Bonetti and Dominic Kozerski to redesign the Tudor-style home, situated on a one-acre lot just minutes from the famous Shangri-La recording studio—his primary workplace.

Rubin describes the home’s minimalist, contemporary style to the Journal as “organic and warm and welcoming,” which seems like the right aesthetic for someone who spends most of his time barefoot.

After a number of renovations, the home is equipped with walls of windows, a newly open floorplan on the bottom level, and white epoxy flooring. There are also plenty of quirks, like a pair of exercise rings that hang down from a hollow wooden turret and a barrel-shaped sauna that’s been plunked down in a long hallway.

Barrel-shaped sauna with tub
Rubin’s feet amid wood sculptures

Not surprisingly, nearly every room in the home is outfitted with a speaker system so that Rubin can listen to fresh tracks as he goes about his day.

Rings hanging from ceiling

Rubin has also been working on a few renovation projects at Shangri-La Studios, which he purchased in 2011. The low-key residence/recording studio where Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton once crashed was in the news most recently as a well-instagrammed hideout for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Simple wooden staircase

The magazine reports that the studio’s soundproof carpeting has been replaced with tasteful hardwood. But Dylan’s former tour bus—now parked on the property and filled with recording equipment—probably isn’t going anywhere. Check out the whole story here.