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Nicole Richie’s chicken coop is featured in Architectural Digest

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The former reality TV star designed it after her own house

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

Nicole Richie is living the urban homesteading dream. The backyard of her Beverly Hills home features an edible backyard garden, a 200-bee apiary, and a brood of five (soon to be eight) chickens.

The actress and fashion entrepreneur is bringing a little glitz and glamour to husbandry, as evidenced by her cool chicken coop, inspired by the home she lives in with her human family.

Richie recently gave Architectural Digest a full tour of the comely coop.

When the one-time reality TV star moved into the house house, chickens in tow, the lack of a pre-existing coop necessitated building one from scratch. “We did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style,” she tells AD. “I wanted one color palette throughout. It’s gray.”

The coop’s gray color and seemingly shiplap exterior gives it, appropriately, a very “modern farmhouse” look, while the roofline seems more reminiscent of a post and beam.

Courtesy of Architectural Digest

She also had the henhouse built with five bedroom-like boxes where she imagined the chickens would snuggle up to lay eggs.

But she quickly discovered that chickens don’t really confine themselves to one place when they get down to business. “They actually just lay eggs all over the place,” Ritchie says.