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It’s officially ‘La La Land’ Day in Los Angeles

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Aerial dancers performed on the walls of City Hall

Aerial dancers perform a musical number on the walls of City Hall as part of the La La Land Day celebration.
Eric Garcetti via Flickr Creative Commons

After delighting the critics and winning boatloads of awards (albeit one only temporarily), the La La Land juggernaut soldiers on, fueled by praise and undeterred by haters.

The film, a Hollywood story about how brave it is to work in Hollywood, was something of a Technicolor travelogue of iconic LA locations. The city of Los Angeles, powerless against the vanilla charm of A-list movie stars engaging in Gene Kelly cosplay, is heaping yet another honor on the film.

Mayor Eric Garcetti declared today, April 25, 2017, La La Land Day in Los Angeles.

The filmmakers were at City Hall to celebrate no doubt nervously scanning the crowd for an errant Warren Beatty sighting coming to take this all away from them again.

Posted by Mayor Eric Garcetti on Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spectators were treated to a musical show some hundreds of feet in the air, as aerial dancers performed a musical number on the walls of City Hall.

We're out in #La shooting the #LaLaLand film with @lionsgate and @bandalooping #dancelife #dancer

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Mayor Eric Garcetti even turned the steps of City Hall into a makeshift Seb’s, getting behind the keys to play with a small jazz combo.

Publicado por Mayor Eric Garcetti em Terça, 25 de abril de 2017

In super-totally, not-at-all related news, today’s events just happen to coincide with La La Land’s release on DVD and Blu Ray.