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Take a peek at Beverly Center’s future food hall

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Bright and airy

All images by Charlie Cho for Beverly Center

It looks like Beverly Center’s owners are making good on their promise to bring the hulking shopping mall out of the 1980s and to flood it with natural light.

Taubman Centers sent us new photos documenting progress on the $500-million makeover, set to be finished by the 2018 holiday season. The photos include images of the top-floor space that will hold The Street, chef Michael Mina's curated food hall.

The centerpiece of the design is a large “waterfall” window. Stretching 52 feet across, it extends upwards almost seamlessly into a tall glass ceiling, so diners will be treated to views of the sky, Downtown LA, and the Hollywood Hills. The floors will be a mix of terrazzo, concrete, and tile.

"We wanted to do a river on the roof, a light river," architect Massimiliano Fuksas told The Hollywood Reporter in June, adding, “It reminds you that you're here, in L.A.”

Charlie Cho for Beverly Center
Charlie Cho for Beverly Center
Charlie Cho for Beverly Center

Studio Fuksas is designing the mall’s entire makeover, which also includes installing a “ribbon” of skylights near Bloomingdale’s and a new facade with panels of perforated steel.

Here’s a first look at those additions:

In addition to completing the food hall, work is still underway on a row of street-level restaurants. We may hardly recognize it when it’s all finished.