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Los Angeles sparkles in this sleek new drone video

From the Hollywood sign to the bright lights of Downtown

View across LA at sunset

At this point, there are enough drone videos of Los Angeles out there that soaring aerial footage of the area could probably be its own filmmaking genre. But, hey, who doesn’t love gawking at LA from overhead?

This sleek video was produced by the drone videographers at Beverly Hills Aerials, who say the two-and-a-half minute series of shots took a full three months to put together. The concept of the project is a time-lapse, though the video is more of a collection of very high-quality images from around the city during different times of day.

The creative cinematography offers stunning new perspectives of familiar LA icons like the Capitol Records Building, the Hollywood sign, and the Century Plaza Towers (displayed in an impressive tracking shot in which the camera sweeps through the hollow center of the Creative Artists Agency building next door).

There are also some more recent landmarks, like Downtown’s Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, built in 2009, and Hogwarts—which, of course, opened last year.

With a good mixture of LA landscapes and closeups highlighting the architecture of individual buildings, the video is definitely one of the best drone compilations we’ve seen.