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Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood house is for sale for $6.9M

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It’s a luscious property with citrus trees

Courtesy of Mercer Vine

This will blow your skirt up: The ravishing Spanish-style home in Brentwood once owned by Marilyn Monroe is returning to the market for $6.9 million.

The actress owned the rambling property—which holds citrus trees, a main house with two bedrooms, a guest house, and a pool—for just a short time in 1962. Four months after buying it, she died in her bedroom at age 36.

Before her death, a reporter with Life magazine spent a day with Monroe in the home, telling him, “Anybody who likes my house, I am sure I will get along with.”

She had “[thrown] herself into making a home for herself. She planted an herb garden and in early 1962 traveled to Mexico to purchase authentic furniture, art and tapestries for her new home,” according to Variety.

Built in 1929, the one-story main house spreads across 2,097 square feet and features tiled floors, arched entryways, pitched ceilings with exposed wood beams, and a newer kitchen. Listing agent Lisa Optican said it, “retains many of the design elements selected by Monroe.”

“When you walk the house and grounds, you’re immediately struck by its serenity and warmth,” she said. “Every owner who has called this property home has been drawn to the same character ... The property is romantic, intimate and private.”

Monroe, who was born at Los Angeles General Hospital, lived all over the LA area, in Hollywood, Van Nuys, Lankershim, and even Catalina. But the Brentwood house was the only place she ever owned.

She reportedly bought it at the request of her psychiatrist, who advised her to put down roots. Reports differ on how much she paid, with the Times saying $75,000 and others pegging the price at $90,000.

Images courtesy of Mercer Vine