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New small lot homes to open in Echo Park, prices start at $1.059M

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Each comes with three bedrooms and a rooftop deck or balcony

Rendering of row of houses from street Rendering by KTGY Architecture + Planning

Construction is complete on a new group of 10 small lot homes on the border of Echo Park and Silver Lake, and the residences are set to open April 22.

Developed by Planet Home Living, the community is called COVO and offers a group of closely-clustered three-bedroom homes with between 1,860 and 2,000 square feet of living space. Prices will start at $1.059 million.

The homes are designed by KTGY Architecture + Planning, which now has more than 900 homes in development under the city’s small lot ordinance. The ordinance allows developers to divide up parcels zoned for multifamily development in order to build groups of smaller homes for individual sale.

Kitchen with large center island Photos by Chang Kyun Kim Photography

Each of the homes in the COVO community features a rooftop deck or balcony, along with a two-car garage. Interior features include hardwood floors, open living space, and bedrooms on the ground floor designed for easy conversion to home office use.

View of bathroom
Bedroom with window looking onto street

In the works for several years, the project has proven somewhat controversial with nearby residents.

In 2014, neighbors appealed its approval to the Planning Commission, arguing that it was too big and that its boxy, contemporary aesthetic would be out of place among the 1920s bungalows nearby.

Kitchen looking out to living room and balcony

In spite of that, Planet Home Living says that demand for the newly completed units is high, with interest rivaling the developer’s Prism project, which sold out in less than three weeks.