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Five-story mixed use project headed for an empty lot in Del Rey

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47 apartments and ground-level retail

Rendering of white-colored mixed use building LA Department of City Planning

An empty lot in Del Rey—most recently used for Christmas tree sales—will soon see new development that will bring 47 apartments and 1,700 square feet of commercial space to the area.

Urbanize LA spotted a rendering of the project, recently uploaded to the Department of City Planning website. The image shows that the mixed use building will rise five stories above ground-level retail (depicted in the rendering as a coffee shop). Many of the glassy units appear to include balconies for residents.

Plans for the project, located at 11612 West Culver Boulevard, show it will also include parking for 62 cars and 66 bicycles. The developer, listed as Sam Yadegar, requested a density bonus for the project, allowing for the addition of 12 units (beyond the 35 allowed under the site’s zoning guidelines). In return for the exemption, four of the building’s 47 units will be set aside for very low-income tenants.

Now approved, construction on the project should begin shortly. Urbanize LA reports that the developer has pulled permits for preliminary work.