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LA’s tap water is as clean as bottled water, says LADWP

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Drink up!

Water - Photo Illustrations Photo Illustration by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power says the city’s tap water is so clean, it’s basically bottled-water caliber. The department just released its latest yearly water quality report, and ABC7 says, the report found, “nearly 160 billion gallons of drinking water provided, met or exceeded all drinking water standards for health, cleanliness and safety.”

LADWP spokesman Albert Rodriguez told ABC7 that Los Angeles’s tap water is “just as good, or if not better” than the bottled stuff.

Apparently, that’s not the perception among many LADWP customers. Almost 40 percent buy bottled water to drink at home and about 20 percent buy water filtering devices.

The LADWP report says a new UV treatment plant is going in at the Los Angeles Reservoir (a shade ball repository) in Sylmar and should be up and running by 2022; another similar project in Granada Hills should be done in 2020. The water’s quality is only expected to improve when these plants open up.