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Swoop into the coast from Downtown LA with this gorgeous drone video

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Even Pershing Square looks pretty from above

We’re suckers for good drone videos. So, let’s indulge, shall we?

Today’s offering comes from YouTube user Mingomatic, and it offers a little something for everyone.

The spotlight shines first on Downtown LA with overhead views of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and a trip through Grand Park that culminates in a close-up of City Hall’s upper floors. Pershing Square is next; when seen from the sky, there’s some colorful asymmetric beauty to the oft-maligned square.

As the sun begins to set, our aerial tour of LA shifts to the coastline, where the skatepark at Venice Beach looks like a child’s playset. Then it’s down to Palos Verdes for tranquil views of flowered ledges overlooking the Pacific and the Korean Bell of Friendship. We end our journey at an illuminated Santa Monica Pier as it shines against a backdrop of dark blue sea.