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Metro buys 64 new rail cars from China for the Red and Purple lines

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Half the order is to stock up for the upcoming Purple Line extension

A rendering of Metro’s newly purchased subway cars for the Red and Purple Lines.
Photo via The Source

With work on the Purple Line extension well underway, Metro is making another multi-million dollar investment in the future of its rail system. The Source is reporting that Metro has inked a deal to buy 64 new subway cars from China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation Ltd for $178 million.

The contract gives Metro five options to purchase up to 282 additional cars from the company for a total of $647 million. Funding for the new cars comes form federal and local sources, including a portion from the Measure R sales tax.

The new subway cars will begin making their way to Los Angeles starting in the spring of 2020, with all 64 cars expected to be delivered by September 2021.

Metro plans to use 30 of the new rail cars to replace cars on the Red and Purple Lines. The remaining 34 new cars will be used in the Purple Line extension when it opens in 2023.

Interior rendering of Metro’s new Red and Purple Line HR 4000 subway cars.
Photo via The Source

While the exterior of the cars are constructed in China, Metro says it plans to open a new facility locally to construct several interior components for the cars.