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Pleasant little Spanish bungalow in Echo Park asks $845K

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French windows, built-in shelving, and a vintage kitchen

This charming little residence is located just a block north of Sunset Boulevard on Coronado. The listing refers to it as a “cool Silver Lake bungalow,” and while we agree it looks cool (and little), the neighborhood might be in dispute. (This Los Angeles Times neighborhood map places it in Echo Park). But we’ll let the buyer decide where she tells her friends she lives.

Featuring two bedrooms and one bathroom, the Spanish-style home has 1,130 square feet of living space, but glass paneled doors and large French windows let in enough light to open the space up a bit.

Built in 1923, the house looks to have been updated over the years, but the living room includes at least the structure of an original fireplace, along with a mantel and built-in shelving. Meanwhile, the kitchen contains a vintage stove, seafoam-colored tile countertops, and a built-in breakfast nook.

Behind the house is a brick-covered patio bordered by bushes and other greenery. There’s also a wooden deck with bench seating and a garage that seems to have been converted into a hybrid office/man cave.

The home last sold in 2005 for $673,500. It’s now asking $845,000.