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Showy Spanish Revival apartments open in Pasadena, renting from $1,839

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Complete with tiled fountains and wrought-iron chandeliers

What’s this? A colonial outpost in New Spain? The set of a new Zorro film? Nope. It’s a new apartment complex in Pasadena’s Playhouse District.

Developed by Mack Urban and Mill Creek Developers, the project designers have certainly committed to the bit in terms of faithfulness to the Spanish Revival style. From red tile flooring to shaded balconies to ornamental beams running across the ceilings of some units, the complex is more than a little theatric in its devotion to the Spanish motif.

Called the Andalucia, the building is a tribute to the “heritage of Pasadena and the authentic Spanish Revival courtyard buildings popular in the 1920s,” according to Mack Urban Managing Director John Gunn.

Located at 686 East Union Street, just behind Vroman’s Bookstore and a block north of Colorado Boulevard, the structure includes 118 units. According to the developers, 11 of those units will be set aside for low-income tenants, while the remaining apartments will rent from $1,839 for a studio, $2,231 for a one-bedroom, $2,909 for a two-bedroom, and $3,399 for a townhome.

Amenities include a fitness center, conference room, barbecue deck, storage space for tenants, and a community room with a fireplace. There are also tiled fountains, citrus trees, and central courtyards with wrought-iron chandeliers to add to the romantic feel. Parking is located beneath the building in an underground garage.

In addition to the apartments, the Andalucia also includes 7,600 square feet of retail space, which will include a local kitchen shop and, eventually, a restaurant with outdoor seating.