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Metro putting cell service on entire Red Line by end of 2017

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The Hollywood/Western Metro station.
Michael Locke/Curbed LA flickr pool

Subway riders will have cell phone service on the entire stretch of the Red Line by the end of the year, Metro spokesman Dave Sotero tells Curbed. That means passengers will be able to make calls, send texts, and access the internet using their data plans.

It had previously been predicted that Metro would put WiFi in tunnels first, but cell service is making more progress. (Sotero said he was “not sure” when WiFi would finally be installed).

Cell service has been rolling out slowly but surely in tunnels and at stations since last spring, with all of Downtown and the Purple Line now connected.

Riders in East Hollywood will be the next beneficiaries, as Metro is getting to work this weekend installing equipment on the Red Line from Vermont/Beverly to Vermont/Sunset. It should be up and running this summer. Service from Hollywood/Western all the way to the end of the line at North Hollywood will be activated by the end of the year.

Vermont/Sunset and Hollywood/Western will be closed so this weekend for installation.

The closures will be in effect from the start to the close of service Saturday and Sunday. To close the gap, bus shuttles will operate between Vermont/Santa Monica and Hollywood/Vine stations.