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1920s Eagle Rock Craftsman with beautiful wood details wants $1.73M

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And there’s a pool

Courtesy of Liz Johnson and Edith Reyna/Compass

Located north of Colorado Boulevard and south of the 134 Freeway in Eagle Rock, this 1924 Craftsman house has a classic big porch, great wood details, and built-ins.

In the “newly blended” living room/dining room/kitchen area, these details are hard to miss, and that’s fine with us. Who doesn’t love a built-in buffet or bookcase?

On a quarter-acre lot, the four-bedroom house offers 3.5 bathrooms, which is a nice ratio for when guests are around. In the master bedroom, there are two skylights, a lovely bath, and access to the backyard, where there’s a pool and a wooden deck.

There’s lots of additional space to work with, too. Cozy guest quarters are attached to converted garage, plus the residence holds a 400-square-foot basement.

Last sold in July for $925,009, it’s now listed for $1.729 million.