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1940s Silver Lake house with Streamline Moderne vibe wants $989K

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A sunken living room and a heptagon-shaped window bay

Courtesy of Tracy Do Real Estate

Located off Sunset Boulevard in Silver Lake, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom dwelling built in 1941 has some really great Streamline Moderne elements, and it has been “refurbished to accentuate 1940’s Modernist overtones.”

The step-down living room is separated from a dining area by a lovely, curving set of stairs. A wall of windows overlooks the street below. This same room also has a wood-paneled fireplace.

The moderne-ity tapers off a bit in the rest of the house, as a lot of updates have been made. The kitchen appears to be recently redone, though its fun “heptagonal window bay,” currently employed as a little eating nook, remains. The residence’s wood and cork floors have been refinished.

The rear yard holds a deck, patio, and eco-friendly landscaping. In front of the house, there’s a large terrace with some really fantastic views. Beneath the terrace, there’s a two-car garage.

The house is listed for $989,000.