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Santa Monica’s massively popular Twilight Concert Series will return with fewer shows

The party will start in June

A Twilight Concert Series performance on the Santa Monica Pier
Courtesy of MSO PR

Santa Monica’s ultra-popular Twilight Concert Series will return this year with a new, shorter schedule “to cut back on the exponential costs” of producing the popular summer event, says the Santa Monica Daily Press.

The usual 10-concert lineup will be cut to eight shows, and the performances will take place in June—not July—so as not to add onto the city’s high tourist season.

Part of what’s made the concert series so costly is the security. To deal with bigger crowds, concert organizers have hired more Santa Monica Police Department officers to provide security.

According to the Daily Press, in 2007, just 16 officers were needed. But with crowds swelling to an estimated 40,000 attendees at some of last year’s shows, 150 officers were booked, and many of them clocked overtime hours.

As part of a plan to reduce costs for the event, concert organizers are looking to “increase the ratio of private security to sworn officers,” because the former is less expensive.

Even with all these changes, concert organizers say the series will still be the same exciting experience it has always been. The executive director of the concert series, Jay Farrand, told the Daily Press, “From the standpoint of the crowd, we are still committed to amazing talent, fun activities, and the same iconic summer tradition we’ve always had.”

Santa Monica Pier

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