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These sleek new beachfront concession stands might liven up Long Beach

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Not your run-of-the-mill snack bar

Sleek, glassy concession stand
A rendering of the Alamitos Beach concession stand
Courtesy Long Beach Mayor’s Office

Long Beach is looking to liven up its beachfront snack bar game over the next few years. Mayor Robert Garcia has revealed designs for elegant new concession stands at Alamitos, Junipero, and Granada beaches.

The striking design for the Alamitos Beach concession stand was reportedly inspired by other waterfront destinations like Santa Monica’s Annenberg Beach House and Perry’s Cafe, along with the trendy Cactus Club English Bay in Vancouver. The renderings make clear this won’t be your run-of-the-mill snack bar—it has been prospectively outfitted with what looks to be a swanky seafood joint and an espresso stand.

As our friends at Eater LA note, the concession stands could become major attractions, if the city finds the kind of vendors that have livened up the beachfront dining scene in cities like Newport Beach.

Aerial view of concession stand
View of cafe and patio
View of concession stand with seafood eatery

Other upgrades will include a new pickup and dropoff plaza and bike share station at Alamitos Beach, as well as play areas and fitness stations at all three locations.

The Long Beach Post reports that construction on the improvements will begin in 2018, provided a quick approval from the Coastal Commission. The concession stands will be city owned and leased to private vendors.

Rooftop view from concession stand
View of snack stand
A rendering of the Junipero Beach concession stand