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Dramatic Los Feliz Spanish-style with stained glass windows asks $3.2M

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Tile floors and towering, vaulted ceilings

Spanish Revival has always been a fairly romantic style of architecture, and this Los Feliz residence is certainly no exception. Complete with dramatic light fixtures, vaulted ceilings, and whimsical stained glass windows depicting knights, vaqueros, and other heroes of old, it’s a bit like something out of a storybook.

Built in 1927, the four-bedroom home has clearly been updated over the years, but retains some enviable vintage features like the Saltillo tile flooring and sloping living room fireplace.

The 3,662 residence is fronted by a stucco wall and wooden gate, along with some very colorful foliage. The very expansive living room features a high, vaulted ceiling and is naturally lit by a massive arched window. An ornately tiled stairway leads to a second level, with balconies that overlook the living room.

Multiple rooms open up to a tiled courtyard and outdoor dining area. Other features include a pool, cabana, gated carport, and a particularly showy bathroom with a step-down bathtub.

Asking price is $3.195 million.