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Here’s how strong the winds were overnight in LA

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It’s surprising the Valley didn’t blow away

LAs Signature Palm Trees Are Disappearing Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

It has been a blustery couple of days in Los Angeles. Powerful winds have downed trees, sparked power outages, and toppled at least one billboard. The National Weather Service is recording the wind gusts, and the measurements overnight were impressive.

On the Westside, the weather service recorded guests of of 51 mph early this morning in Beverly Hills, while winds whipped up to 38 mph at LAX.

Coastal LA was also hit hard. The Henry Ford Bridge in Long Beach (a.k.a. the Badger Avenue Bridge) saw winds of 51 mph and the Port of LA weathered winds up to 49 mph.

The winds were intense in the Valley, too. At the Burbank Airport, wind speeds got up to 45 mph. In Van Nuys, they blew up to 41 mph.

Outside the Valley, winds were howling. In the Whittier Hills, they blew up to 36 mph. The strongest winds at Dodger Stadium were clocked at 32 mph.

The local mountains took a pounding. Off the 5 Freeway at Whitaker Peak near Castaic, the winds got up to an incredible 93 mph around 1 a.m.

These were not the famous Santa Anas—the hot, dry winds from the northeast that often pick up in the summer—but they were predicted to pack a similar punch.

The northerly winds that blew through LA this week were expected to bring peak gusts between 70 and 80 miles per hour along the 5 Freeway, where it passes through the San Gabriel Mountains.

Weather Service meteorologist Robbie Munroe tells Curbed that the winds are “on the downswing” and aren’t expected to be as gusty as the week progresses.