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Imagining Downtown LA’s skyline in 2030

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A new rendering shows where some under-construction projects would change the view

Courtesy of Visualhouse and Jon Wilson

There are so many tall buildings in the works in Downtown LA that it’s hard to keep track of them, let alone imagine how they might appear in the skyline when they’re all complete.

But a new rendering from creative agency Visualhouse makes it easier to envision how projects such as Oceanwide Plaza, Metropolis, Olympia, and Circa might change the way that Los Angeles looks from a distance.

The skyline rendering is Visualhouse’s first of Los Angeles; it has done similar visualizations for New York and Miami.

The LA image depicts the most iconic projects in the downtown area right now, Visualhouse founder and CEO Robert Herrick tells Curbed. Most, such as Oceanwide Plaza and Metropolis, are currently under construction. All should be complete by 2030, Herrick says.

The timing of the firm’s first LA skyline rendering is intentional, Herrick says: “We're at a real turning point where the skyline of downtown Los Angeles is about to expand, and we feel it's important to document this.”

A labeled version of the rendering shows which projects have been added to the current skyline.
Courtesy of Visualhouse and Jon Wilson

The visualization doesn’t include a slew of skyscrapers that are in various stages of the planning process. Those include the 66-story tower planned for a parking lot north of the Hotel Figueroa and the 60-story tower planned for the car wash site south of the Hotel Figueroa.