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Details on Little Tokyo’s expansive 333 Alameda development

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1000 housing units, plus retail

Courtesy of DGB+Line

A new development proposed for Little Tokyo will bring 1000 units to the Galleria mall site, and we’re getting a closer look at what’s planned from DGB+Line, the project’s architects.

The proposed project will consist of four mid- to high-rise buildings, ranging from 10 stories up to 34 stories tall, as well as a two-story, low-rise retail building. The project will contain 116 live/work units, which will be spread out between the lower floors of the four taller buildings on site.

The buildings’ upper floors will hold 884 residential units, 160 of which will be affordable housing set aside for seniors and low-income residents, says DGB+Line.

Residents will have access to an amenity space with a swimming pool and deck, as well as a landscaped terrace.

In addition to residential space, the project will hold almost 100,000 square feet of commercial space.

The architects says that the project was broken into four tall buildings in order to avoid looking “bulky and monolithic.”

In an attempt to encourage pedestrian activity around and through the project, internal pedestrian walkways connecting all the streets around the property have been incorporated into the project’s design.

At street level, the project’s retail storefronts with large glass windows, as another attempt to encourage pedestrian activity through the area.

There’s no clear timeline for the project.