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Delightful American Foursquare near Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco seeks $2.6M

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Bay windows, wide porches, and original features

Photos by Jeff Ong
Courtesy of Robin Stever/Coldwell Banker

This American Foursquare dates back to 1892 and is near the Arroyo Seco, just off Pasadena’s old Millionaire’s Row. It’s been expanded and restored, but the five-bedroom, four-bathroom home has retained much of its original character and many original features.

The house sports pinewood floors, bay windows, and wood molding throughout. The main floor features a formal dining room, a foyer, and a living room and parlor. The kitchen, a new addition, is spacious, with a center island, high-end appliances, and room to dine.

The second floor has three bedrooms and a master suite. The master bedroom is large and has wood floors; its bathroom is similarly capacious, with a separate tub and shower and dual vanities. The house’s third floor has a guest suite with its own bathroom and sitting room.

The residence boasts an expansive front porch and a wide back porch that looks out on the garden, pool, and spa.

The house is listed for $2.595 million.