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LA City Council OKs plan to save 1911 Hollywood bungalow for a child-care facility

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Funding for the transformation comes from Target

Jenna Chandler

The LA City Council on Wednesday approved a plan by Councilman Mitch O'Farrell to convert a rundown 1911 Craftsman bungalow in Hollywood into a child-care facility with an affordable housing unit.

The council voted unanimously to seek proposals from qualified organizations to restore the house at 1816 N. Wilton Place in East Hollywood and to operate the facility.

“We need to come up with creative solutions to help us build healthy, sustainable communities, while preserving the unique character in our neighborhoods,” O’Farrell said in a statement. “I’m excited about the possibilities here, and I am putting this call out to our local networks for qualified applicants to get in touch with the city regarding this space.”

O'Farrell's office said the restoration project will be funded by $1.2 million from retailer Target. The money comes from fees Target had paid the city for construction of its new store at the corner of Western Avenue and Sunset Boulevard. The store has been in construction limbo for almost three years.

Jenna Chandler

The city council approved the funding, following approvals by the Board of Recreation and Parks Commission and the city’s Arts, Parks, and Los Angeles River Committee.

The plan saved the house from possible demolition; it was slated for auction until O'Farrell's office stepped in.

The city’s Housing and Community Investment Department issued a Request for Qualifications/Proposals, which is available for download on the Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network. To download the RFQ/P, register first: The LABAVN ID number is 29728.