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The end is near for Eagle Rock’s unsightly ‘Pillarhenge’

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New housing is set to replace the neighborhood eyesore

The skeletal remains of a failed housing development in Eagle Rock may soon be gone.
Google Maps

Pillarhenge—the remains of an unfinished recession-era housing development that went belly up—has been a thorn in the side of Eagle Rock residents for nine years now.

But today brings good news for the Pillarhenge haters.

Eastsider LA reports that new housing is headed to the lot. Plans have been filed with the city to construct a 26-unit mixed use development on the site, with 24 market rate units and two units of very low income housing.

After a mixed use project planned for the site was abandoned in 2008, the remains of that development drew the ire of residents and inspired a Facebook group dedicated to removing the blight.

Hopes were lifted in early 2016 when the site found a buyer for $1.9 million, but no word emerged on the fate of Pillarhenge for the rest of the year.

The sun sets over the ancient ruins of “Pillarhenge”
Google Maps

Project renderings and a timeline for construction for newly proposed housing complex have not been made available yet, but for now it appears Pillarhenge is headed for the history books.