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For $748K, live-work space in Pasadena’s midcentury modern Oakland Towers

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Courtyard views and custom cabinets

Images courtesy of Tadeh Minassian/Figure 8

Located half a block south of Del Mar Boulevard in Pasadena’s Madison Heights neighborhood, the Oakland Towers condominium complex was erected in 1963. Built around a central courtyard, the complex contains 40 units between its two towers, one of which has just hit the market.

Per its listing, the courtyard-level condo has been serving as headquarters for the architectural design firm Studio Functions, which transformed the three-bedroom, two-bath unit into a live-work space. The listing also informs us the reworked residence has been featured on HGTV.

Measuring 1,637 square feet, its features include hardwood floors, updated appliances, central heat/AC, and custom cabinetry, shelving, built-ins, and finishes, and two covered parking spaces.

Asking price for the pet-friendly unit is $748,000, while monthly HOA dues are $407.