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Arts District bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly projects around LA will get millions from the state

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Nearly $15 million awarded to make the neighborhood safer for walkers and bicyclists

Bicyclist in the Arts District joey zanotti | Curbed LA Flickr

Last week, the California Transportation Commission awarded more than $100 million to 62 active transportation projects around the state, including $14.85 million for a host of bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly improvements in the Arts District.

The grant money, which will be delivered between 2019 and 2021, represents a sizable chunk of the $56 million awarded to Southern California cities and agencies to deliver projects focused on making the state safer for walkers and bicyclists.

In the Arts District, the money will fund pedestrian and biking connections to transit stops and the under-construction Sixth Street Viaduct replacement project, according to city documents. New bike lanes, curb extensions, crosswalks, pedestrian lighting, and added traffic lights are also planned for the area.

Further grant money will also fund pedestrian-friendly improvements at nearby Union Station. Part of Metro’s master plan for the historic station, these updates include a pedestrian crossing on Alameda Street and other new connections between the station and its surrounding communities. The project will receive $3.15 million starting in 2019.

Other LA-area projects set to receive state grants include a protected bikeway on Union Street in Pasadena, which will get $3.74 million; bike lane connections at Cal State Long Beach, which will receive $3.03 million; and a complete streets project at Pacific Boulevard and Vernon Ave in Vernon (it will get around $1.89 million).