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A retro map of LA is reimagined with film titles

Traffic is moving smoothly on the ‘Lost Highway’

Over 900 film titles make up this imaginary map of LA.

Looking for the perfect gift for the cartography/cinema nerd in your life? Aren’t we all?

Well, you’re in luck, because Los Angeles Magazine has turned us onto just the thing for map and movie geeks everywhere. Liverpool-based design studio Dorothy has created a vintage-style map of Los Angeles, replacing the streets and sights of the city with film titles and movie references.

The Dorothy map takes quite a few liberties with LA geography, so it’s not exactly the Thomas Guide. On this map, LAX looks to be several miles in length, the Titanic sank in the Silver Lake Reservoir (pre-draining presumably), and Griffith Park is located in the neighborhood of Zombieland.

With more than 900 film titles making up this imaginary Los Angeles, it’s loaded with hidden gems.

Looks like there’s a bit of a Hollywood hotel boom in this version of LA as well.